The 10 Hot-Spots for Movers

    This summer more Americans are on the move. So where are they going? Census Bureau migration data mixed with cross-metro moving requests on and cross-metro search traffic data on® reveals the hot-spots drawing the most new residents lately.

    The cities attracting the most residents lately tend to have two main things in common: affordable housing and strong job markets.

    Here are the cities that are gaining the most residents:

    1. Tampa, Fla.

    • Median home price: $230,000

    2. Jacksonville, Fla.

    • Median home price: $272,400

    3. Charlotte, N.C.

    • Median home price: $257,500

    4. San Antonio, Texas

    • Median home price: $275,000

    5. Austin, Texas

    • Median home price: $399,000

    6. Las Vegas, Nev.

    • Median home price: $260,000

    7. Orlando, Fla.

    • Median home price: $262,400

    8. Nashville,Tenn.

    • Median home price: $315,000

    9. Raleigh, N.C.

    • Median home price: $297,200

    10. Portland, Ore.

    • Median home price: $416,300

    Meanwhile, some of the nation’s largest cities are seeing their populations slightly shrink. The following cities are losing the most residents: New York, N.Y.; Chicago; Detroit; San Jose, Calif.; and Los Angeles.

    Source: “The New Hot Spots Where Americans Are Moving Right Now,”® (May 23, 2016)

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